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Jan 28, 2013 6:00pm PST
worth the trip. it was g katie likd them, too. he and i were the only ones, though. surprisingly. jim wants a hot dog. >> what is wrong with your husband? he wants a hot dog in new orleans? there is craw zpish wonderful sea foochld he wants a hot dog? >> he's van yila. ease easy so it's a good thing he didn't get a hot dog. he couldn't get that. he did get lassagne he told me later on. moving on because there is a lot of partying going on. a guy in the middle of it here is wayne with what is going on down there. >> come on, larry. at 4:00 we give a media story. 53 people near new orleans. at 5:00 you might remember it's a letter to my mother telling me everything is fine and safe now at 6:00 we'll show you some of the more severe stuff, well, severe? i don't know if that is the word. really good stuff going on. there is a better place to party in new orleans. would someone let us know? e mail us or treat or tweet us, we'll find out. what you're going see here has been severely edited. for your own protection. >> new orleans, when they say there has to be a morning after, it's every mo
Jan 21, 2013 6:00pm PST
brothers enter one brother leaves. yes, it's on. who is the better coach? jim? john sfr >>> good evening, jack and jackie harbaugh watched from their couch, in two weeks they'll be in new orleans rooting for both of their children, we assume. think about it. from the rise of collin kaepe kaepernick to the retirement of ray lewis there are some story lines going into the game but brothers angle is what makes this contest unique. today jim said there is no question about which is the better coach, it's big brother. >> half of the amount of playoff but it's not about us. keep coming back to that. but very proud of my brother. that is -- that is the blessing part. >> john harbaugh is a year older and wasn't as good an aj laet as jim so he will start before jim did. they lost to the patriots in afc title game a year ago. and looking at what jim accomplished with pride. >> i'm proud of him as a coach but adds a man, his brother ask husband and this team reflects his personality. they play field position football this, year, they're a big time threat. we're just going to have to get pre
Jan 27, 2013 6:00pm PST
bowl xlvii, and jim harbaugh has his hand fall. not with the ravens but his skid >> ama: going to cost you more to mail a letter. the price of postage went up one cent to 46 cents for a first class letter. the forever stamps still work. >> gas prices are going up. the average price of gasoline is now 3.34 a gallon. up four cents in the last week inch california the average is 3.67. in the bay area, it's 3.71. >> the golden gate kennel club concluded a weekend dog show at the cow palace. the all-breed dog show and competitions. 350 breeds were represented through more than 2,000 dogs. the show is one of the most press siegous in the make. look at that weeper -- weiner dog, and yoga is now going to the dogs, sort of. classes are breaking up around the country, some yoga students say posing with their dogs is better for them. >> actually -- i couldn't find exactly what i wanted but being able to do it with my dog is more relaxing. >> i love it. many students add they can attend to their dog's aches and pains through yoga techniques. >>> it was a nice day to take a drive or a walk, but may
Jan 25, 2013 6:00pm PST
49er autos can't get enough. >> no. we can't. >> jim harbaugh know what's he's up against, we go back to the first meeting happening to occur in the backfield. and that is >>> breaking news, sky 7 hd over the scene. laura anthon gee on the scene of this shooting. >> hi carolyn. we've just arrived here and i can tell what you is going on. we can see i talked to opd. they say they have one officer shot in the leg during some sort of altercation here down on the street. he's in stable condition. sky 7 around the area of 49th avenue. down here on the ground and got two cars into a restaurant supply here. police tell me they'll still trying to figure out if this may have started with a car chase, then an altercation farther down the street. we'll have more for you later tonight on abc 7 news. live in oakland, abc 7. >> thank you oo. let's move on to sports now. >> 49ers, collin kaepernick. how will he react when he sees an intimidating player in ravens history in super bowl 47 in niners coach thinks he'll do just fine. he know what's it's like to face lewis back into the archives we go. th
Jan 22, 2013 6:00pm PST
. jim versus john. 10 years ago. what are you going to do about it now? when talking about collin kaepernick he was asked if you dreamed about coaching a super bowl. >> no. i can't say i had that dream. i will share this with you. just the day collin kaepernick runs, the gracefulness of the stride, ground he covers this reminds me of me, when i run. then, i wake up. >> yeah. >> joe flako, the ravens quarterback doing just fine, throwing eight touchdowns. this will be the first super bowl he knows, preparation is kee.. >> you have to kinld of get all of this mayhem that is going to be involved with the game and all that have stuff. you have to get that out of the way. and focus on the 49ers. >> the kings are signed and not yet delivered to seattle. they have a $525 million deal to sell the team then moving to seattle. that is on the table. nba still has to approve that transaction. sacramento mayor is trying to get a local ownership group together. >> i just say be cautiously optimistic. be smart this, isn't about our city against their city or one mayor against another mayor we ha
Jan 24, 2013 6:00pm PST
. >> question with baltimore sit true that both of you like jim better than john? >> you're nuts! >> john? is this john? >> is that john harbaugh? >> that is me, john. >> mom was ready to come through the phone. >> the sister saved the day. someone else divided loyalties tonight is nancy pelosi. we caught up with her in san francisco, asking who she was throwing her support behind. she is a baltimore native but fans tell us she'll be rooting for red and gold. >> i've been a baltimore sports fan growing up, but raising children in san francisco and san francisco sports fan. and of course that, is my consistency and who i rep scent support in the super bowl. >> good call. we'll hear from collin kaepe kaepernick. well teal you about his local connection coming up. i'll be heading to new orleans to cover the run along with mike shumann, cast of thousands and you know, shu is a former niner. and won knit 19816789 very a feeling the ring will be on distlai plai this week and everybody will be bringing you the best super bowl coverage imaginable, tweeting behind the scenes updates skbh's going
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6